Effortlessly engage customers with
WhatsApp Business API!

Drive 60% of your ROI with WhatsApp Business API by automating your marketing,
sales & support. Build a connection while personalizing all your chats with the WhatsApp chatbot.

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Why WhatsApp Business API?

End-to-end encryption

Messages are encrypted end-to-end for security from your number to Connect Saudi

Global reach

With 180 countries, you can reach customers anywhere with WhatsApp marketing

Business branding

Verify your brand identity on WhatsApp and build an image in front of your customers

Over 10 languages

Engage your audience in conversation in their language to connect with them.

Catchy message templates

Use the interactive answer options in WhatsApp conversations to streamline client responses.

24*7 support

The WhatsApp profile you use to message customers may also be used to reply to conversations they start.

Capabilities of WhatsApp Platform

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Boost your sales by 40% while adding a call-to-action button to your facebook and instagram ads

  • Increase conversion rate by retargeting your customers.
  • Engage your customers with quick responses from your side.
  • Drive traffic with WhatsApp business API through click-to-whatsapp ads.

WhatsApp Broadcasting

Saves 70% of the time while reaching an unlimited number of customers directly with WhatsApp broadcasting.

  • Send promotional offers, discount codes, & flash sales while engaging your customers.
  • Make your customers explore the products and services you offer.
  • Be consistent & let your customer repeat the purchase.


Make your customers happy by being available 24 hours a day to support them.

  • Connect Saudi gives you a feature to track your agent's response time for better improvement.
  • Give your sales support team an easy-to-operate platform.
  • Manage the contact lists easily while adding new numbers and files as needed.

Cart & Catalog

Make purchases easier for customers by creating a product WhatsApp catalog for your business.

  • Increase your reach while attracting a larger audience with special deals & limited-time offers.
  • Keep your customers up-to-date with information while adding trendy items to your WhatsApp catalog.

Reports & Analytics

Keep your businesses informed with accurate insights for doubling your ROI.

  • Get a detailed analysis of the chatbot with its response time, user satisfaction, and resolution rates.
  • Gain the visibility into number of reports of the messages you have sent & received.
  • Organize & categorize your WhatsApp chatbot's data with the label report feature and gain its insights.

Revolutionize your Business with WhatsApp

Learn how the WhatsApp Business API will change and take your business to new heights!

Enhance your website experience

Be unique! Create your own QR code, which customers can scan and start chatting while interacting with your brand in person.

Decrease friction

Place WhatsApp buttons where customers often have questions, like checkout, for instant help.

Create cross-channel connections

Ask your Instagram and Facebook fans to message you on WhatsApp. Establish a foundation of trust and boost conversions by a large margin.

Change the way of sales

Spread the word about WhatsApp offline! Customers may instantly initiate a chat or subscribe to your WhatsApp newsletter by scanning your exclusive QR code, all while connecting with your business in person.


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