Seamless Integration with SMPP

When businesses integrate with our global messaging infrastructure using SMPP, they enjoy unrestricted access to volumes and capabilities, empowering them with limitless possibilities.



Business Solution

Our SMPP protocol provides a highly interoperable, scalable, and secure key solution for SMS service providers wishing to better their position in the lucrative industry of bulk SMS operations.

Customer Solution

With our services, you can effortlessly deliver robust, scalable, and well-managed inbound SMPP client solutions, especially if you have a substantial clientele and procure SMS from multiple providers.

SMPP API Solution

Text SMS can be transmitted via the SMPP API protocol, which is open, effective, and of good quality. Some carriers rely heavily on standard SMPP to transmit billions of SMS messages at once.

Why Use Our SMPP Protocol to Transmit Your SMS?

Iteck Dashboard is a powerhouse when it comes to the feature list. This ensures you have every functionality you need to build, run, and expand your marketplace

Accelerate Delivery Time for
Large-Scale SMS Distribution

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is a trustworthy and effective protocol for transferring high quantities of messages in a short period of time. Businesses will be able to dramatically minimise the amount of time it takes for messages to reach the receiver by using SMPP to transmit large-volume communications. It is a high-performance protocol that employs advanced features such as TCP/IP networking, server response buffering, intelligent outbound message processing, and more.


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Leverage a platform that offers multiple carrier connections for global SMS message transmission and reception

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