Send and Receive a Large Number of Text Messages in Seconds.

SMS short codes are capable of transferring exceptionally large volumes of SMS in a short amount of time. Use the Connect Saudi’s SMS platform, which is the best option for reaching massive audiences.


Connect Saudi Short Code Service

To send mass messages, organisations use short codes, which are five or six digit phone numbers. Opting into SMS marketing campaigns is as simple as texting a "keyword," which is a word or phrase, to a short number.

No-hassle procurement

Consider renting a new shortcode or transferring your existing one. Connect Saudi handles the 8-12 week carrier approval process instead of you. Global Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

You can contact people all over the world using shortcodes available in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and India, as well as long-code phone numbers in over 100 countries.

100 SMS per second

When seconds matter, a Connect Saudi Short Code ensures that your communications are delivered without you having to worry about carrier screening or message queuing.


Promote your business using Shortcodes

By giving you a short, simple-to-remember short code number that can be used for SMS marketing, these services help you generate more leads and make it easier to conduct live voting, get consumer feedback, and more.


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Leverage a platform that offers multiple carrier connections for global SMS message transmission and reception

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