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Dynamic & Multilingual Messaging
Global and Instant Delivery
Group SMS and Messaging
Multiple Connectivities & Interface Options

Widen Your Business Appeal with A2P Messaging

A2P Messaging Widens Your Business Appeal A2P Messaging allows you to effortlessly and rapidly reach out to a large number of customers. To boost company and campaign productivity, send multiple SMS messages continuously and without overlap.


Get Delivery Reports, Efficient
Routing, and Guaranteed Delivery


To advertise your brand, send messages with an alphanumeric sender ID.

Track your communications in real time to assure delivery.

State data on the most important indicators.

State data on the most important indicators.
Language-Based Messaging

Create personalized messages in the language of your choice. 200+ global telecom firms with multiple redundancy and backup routes..

Personalized Messaging

Personalization is made easy with customizable fields. Upload file containing a list of phone numbers when you personalise your message.

Scheduling & Group SMS

To maximise customer engagement, strategically manage your marketing based on your customers' preferences and schedules.


Support for all

Our highly accessible A2P messaging system supports all message types, including concatenated and multilingual text messages. It allows interconnection with the major SMS aggregators and MNOs as well as correct routing of A2P traffic received from different sources to diverse destinations.

Connect with Your Potential Customers

Change the way your firm interacts with customers in real time. Reach out to business prospects in 150+ markets using a single SMS platform that is globally compliant, safe, and secure in accordance with local rules and operator requirements.


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