Transactional Alerts that Keep you Informed and Protected!

Connect Saudi provides secure transactional alerts and notifications through company APIs and on-premise solutions. To learn more about how Connect Saudi can benefit your company, Schedule a product tour!


Real-time Interaction with your Consumers

Our SMS service sends the relevant message to your target client groups in real-time, resulting in positive business outcomes.

Enhanced Responsiveness

Two-way SMS allows you to have immediate conversations with your customers and has a faster response rate than email.

Connected Conversations

Easily integrate your favorite programs, email client, or 1,000+ platforms using Zapier, Shopify, or HubSpot's native integration

Conversational Messaging

Use a familiar conversational experience to engage in focused dialogues with clients in our inbox on our user-friendly online portal.

Delivery Report

Each transactional SMS sent by a company may be tracked and confirmed as delivered. Connect Saudi provides detailed SMS delivery reports, making it easier for senders to see how many recipients got and saw the message.


24/7 SMS Messaging

Because transactional SMS are meant to accompany a user throughout the customer journey and are triggered by a user action on a website or app, they may be automated and delivered at any time of day based on user behaviour.

Integration of API

Connect Saudi offers simple API connection with your existing programmes. As a consequence, you only pay for the messaging channels you use, which you may enable by integrating an API into your product. Gain full control over the messaging capabilities, ensuring cost-efficiency and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your communication strategies.


Easily set up your preferred trigger and initiate automatic delivery of transactional SMSs without any delay!
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