Segmented and targeted consumer base, using intelligent SMS campaigns

Grow your business by boosting income and minimising costs with Target SMS Service. Use Connect Saudi Target SMS Service to boost engagement and efficiency.


Benefits of Target Market Messaging

Enhances consumer engagement

Increase connection by making clients feel "seen."


Most marketers struggle to get high-quality leads


Directing the receiver to information-rich sites

Track click metrics

For each SMS message that includes a quick smart link call to action

Complete campaign tracking

Message, initiation, and purchase using smart codes

High Open Rate

Direct marketing actions increased with a high open rate

Fast Communication

With an instant notice, you may reach your target audience right away.

Good ROI

SMS is a low-cost method of communicating with your consumers.


Send out targeted SMS to your client base.

Use the precise data provided by the analytics engine to split your client base into smaller groups so that you may profile them, retarget them with more relevant campaigns, measure reaction rates in real time, and improve the context of your communications.

Marketing with Geolocation

Using geolocation targeting, you may attract clients from certain places. Customers prefer to buy things from businesses that are close to where they reside, thus geolocation targeting uses the power of geography to your benefit.


Marketing Based on Demographics

When creating efficient SMS marketing campaigns, keep in mind your receivers' gender, age, lifestyle, and other factors, as demographics have a significant impact on consumer behaviour.

Marketing Based on Behavior

Consumer behaviours are the most important factors to consider when segmenting the market. You may send offers to your website visitors based on what pages they visited and which goods they found interesting.


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