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With our cutting-edge telecom solutions, customers can expand their SMS and voice lists quickly and reliably, with support provided at every stage. Use our website popups, landing pages, social opt-in links, personalized QR codes, checkout forms, shortcodes, and third-party integrations to connect with outbound networks all over the world.

Visibility for Better Response Rates Personalization is the key to higher response rates across all channels, and SMS and voice marketing are no exception. Using the information you have set up in your client lists, it is simple to customize your communications to specific customers. The extent to which you can customize each message is limitless. SMS and voice solutions ensure coverage with an open rate of 94%

Our powerful software ensures the highest SMS and voice delivery rates and speeds in the industry. For dependable and efficient communication, we offer direct collaboration with numerous telecom carriers as well as sophisticated SMS and voice gateway technology.Verified SMS, dynamic sender IDs, user authentication tools, 2FA, and one-time tokens are all enhanced
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More than 15,000 companies trust and choose


A2P Messaging

Our A2P messaging service enables businesses to send automated messages to their customers with the help of an application. With Connect Saudi's A2P messaging service, businesses can send personalized messages to their customers, ensuring effective communication and higher engagement.


Transactional Alerts

Connect Saudi provides transactional SMS alerts for businesses that help them keep their customers updated about their transactions in real-time. With our transactional SMS solutions, businesses can increase their customer satisfaction, build trust, and reduce customer churn.


User Verification

Our OTP service allows businesses to verify the identity of their customers by sending a unique code through SMS. This service ensures that only authorized users can access their services, preventing fraud and ensuring secure transactions.


2 Way Messaging

Connect Saudi's 2-way messaging service enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time. With this service, businesses can receive feedback, resolve customer queries, and build better relationships with their customers.


Global connectivity

We offer global connectivity to businesses to help them reach their customers across the world. With our global SMS services, businesses can expand their reach, promote their products or services, and increase their revenue.






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More than 15,000 companies trust and choose

Our Industries

Retail & eCommerce

Share order updates, respond to questions immediately, and lower SMS abandonment rates. Improve customer service by enabling SMS-based order tracking, allowing customers to receive real-time updates on their purchases and delivery status.



Send appointment updates and reminders, medical reports, and more using SMS. Provide valuable health information and tips via SMS, promoting preventive care measures, healthy lifestyle choices, and disease management strategies.


Government & SMES

Send everything from tax payment reminders to important documents through SMS. Utilize SMS for emergency alerts and notifications, providing critical information and instructions during natural disasters,


Banking & FS

Use SMS to secure transactions, notify customers, and complete user KYC validation. Utilize SMS for loan payment reminders and overdue notifications, helping customers stay on track with their loan obligations and avoid penalties.


Education Technology

Assist students, parents, teachers, and institutes with SMS communication.Send SMS reminders for important dates, such as parent-teacher conferences, exam schedules, and school holidays, keeping parents informed and engaged in their child's education.


Transport & Logistics

Notify customers of updated orders in real time using SMS, and troubleshoot customer issues on the go. Provide SMS-based delivery updates and estimated arrival times to customers, ensuring transparency and reducing customer inquiries about order status.